Cold appetizers

Cracklings - with or without onion 40 kN

Cottage cheese with sour cream from a local breeder, with a touch of of red peppers and garlic 25kn

Cheeses from Bilogora 25kn

Vineyard plate of cold cuts, cooked cow's cheese and cottage cheese with sour cream 40 kn


Cream of mushroom soup with toasted bread 22kn

Tomato soup with dumplings 20kN

Bilogora's vegetable soup 18kn

Chicken soup with homemade noodles 18kn

Hot appetizers

Polenta with bacon and onions 25kn

Polenta in gorgonzola with walnuts 25kn

Homemade pasta (trganci) with roasted onions and lard 25kn

Homemade noodles with bacon and eggs 25kn

Roasted peppers stuffed with cheese in a garlic marinade 25kn

Main dishes

Cooking is a skill that is not easily acquired. And one acquierd, it is hard to share it. Our craftsmen carefully put along meals that we offer and that is why the meats, side dishes and sauces are blended as best combinations that will awaken all your senses. And it's all included in the price of a single main course!

Wine Steak - grilled pork neck in wine sauce 60kn

Vineyard grill - skewers, sausage and burger with chips 50kn

Rustic pork medallions with chips 65kn

Turkey stuffed with bacon in wine sauce with homemade pasta (trganci) 60kn

Grilled sausages and black pudding with stewed pickled cabbage and corn polenta 50kn

Meat from lard 40 kn

Turkey breasts with chives and homemade noodles in cream 55kn

Homemade pasta with vegetables 40 kn

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, zucchini and leeks 40 kn

Perch in corn flour with vegetables 75kn

Beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon, with mushrooms and homemade noodles 130kn

Beef tenderloin with fried potatoes 120kn

Veal oll stuffed with ham and leek on a bed of vegetables 95kn

Veal steak in red pepper sauce with homemade noodles 90kn

Pork medallions in cranberry sauce with homemade potato 75kn

Pork medallions with roasted barley porridge 65kn

Turkey breasts in carrots with fried corn polenta 55kn

Chicken breasts on a lemon mousse with homemade dumplings 55kn

Chicken with buckwheat porridge, mushrooms, zucchini and leek 50kn

Taste of Barbati - Get a taste of what our chefs are preparing in the restaurant Barbati on the island of Pag.

Grilled sea bass with boiled potatoes 1kg 100kn

Sea bream grilled with boiled potatoes 1 kg 100nn

Grilled shrimp 1 kg 280kn

Homemade noodles with shrimp 55kn

Children's menu - Do not worry if your kid does not want to taste the pork medallions in cranberry sauce! For them we have a winning combination.

Breaded steak with homemade potato 40 kn

Grilled steak with homemade potato 40 kn

Skewers with vegetables, with homemade potato 35kn

Side dishes

Homemade pasta (trganci) 20kn

Buckwheat porridge 15kn

Grilled vegetables 20kn

Homemade potato 15kn


Mixed fresh vegetables with cheese 20kn

Mixed fresh vegetables 15kn

Tomato 15kn

Lettuce 15kn

Fresh cabbage 15kn

Desserts - For a sweet end of your meal. We recommend a glass of dessert wine.

Cake with walnuts and chocolate (weekends) 15kn

Apple strudel in vanilla sauce 15kn

Chef's pancakes 20kn

Pancakes with chocolate, nuts or jam 15kn

Noodles with poppy seeds 15kn

Icy cake with cheese and chocolate coating 15kn

Baked strudel 25kn

With prior notice

Pork, goose or duck 1 kg - out of the baker's oven or on a spit, with a side dish: pastry, baked potatoes, vegetables 190kn

Veal or lamb 1 kg -out of the baker's oven or on a spit, with a side dish: pastry, baked potatoes, vegetables 220kn

Winter menu

Daily soup + Seasonal food of your choice + Desert 69kn

 Read more about our restaurant and the ingredients we use here.

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